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 Social Security Disability Reform Letter 
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Post Social Security Disability Reform Letter
This is the letter for Disabiltiy reform. You can change the title to match who you are sending it too. Also, remember, advocacy is a difficult process. If you do not get a response, please do not get frustrated. This is just how it works. Also this is an introductory letter, if you want to continue to write to them multiple times (and sometimes this is necessary), a new letter will be needed.

Good luck in your advocacy adventure!!!!!!!



Re: Disability Reform

Dear Senator _________,

I am writing to you today in regards to the Social Security Disability Benefits process and system. As you are fully aware this process and the laws governing it date back to 1930. The law is out-dated and has reached the point where it’s vital that the process and laws be reformed.

I’ve come to the conclusion based on my recent experiences and research on Social Security Disability that the entire process needs to be scrutinized extremely closely. I am asking today for your assistance in rectifying two issues. The first would be bringing to light the disgraceful way our disabled Americans are treated. The second and most important is we NEED to find any solution that will guarantee reform of this system. This requires the attention of all politicians, regardless of party affiliation.

Every year thousands of people apply for Social Security Disability. The major problem occurring is these people are waiting years to finally receive benefits! Most of them are forced to hire attorneys to take their case before an Administrative Law Judge. By this time, these people have used up their entire life savings, lost their homes, and are desperate.

Now I ask you Senator _______ is this the way to treat our disabled Americans? Let me answer that for you, no it isn’t. These people are DISABLED. They are Americans who have worked supporting our great nation! Now they are in pain and many are suffering from a deep depression. A depression fraught with red tape, loss of their homes, their health, and their self respect, putting them through the “hell” that is our Social Security is shameful.

How do I know how they are feeling? I’ve been there! I watched as my mother slipped further and further into depression as she lost everything. I have well documented her journey through the Social Security system. You to would be offended at what she was forced to endure.

Once the American general population learns of the asinine red-tape involved with the Social Security Disability process and the incompetence involved, this will NO longer be acceptable. You MUST act now not later. There is no time to delay! There are thousands of our fellow Americans, your VOTING PUBLIC, going through this disheartening and callous system as we speak!

Reforming Social Security Disability CAN be done! However, it is going to take the cooperation of EVERY member of Congress, Republican and Democrat alike. I challenge you Senator ________ to take up this cause! When you do you will find many Americans standing beside you!

While nothing can be done to undo the damage that has been laid at my mother’s feet and those who came before her, we can prevent it from happening to another family. It only takes one to find the courage to stop this onslaught against our disabled Americans. Are you that one? Do you have the courage?

I’m asking for your help Senator _______. This has nothing to do with politics! When you break it down, bottom line is, this about Congress doing what is RIGHT. Join me today Senator _____. Together we can make a difference!

Let’s discuss this and get the ball rolling. Let’s make change happen! Let’s take a stand for those who can not!


Your name

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Sat Dec 30, 2006 2:52 pm
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