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 Swollen Knee - Unable to Walk -- familiar symptom? 
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Post Swollen Knee - Unable to Walk -- familiar symptom?
From time to time my right knee swells up to the size of a house and walking is nearly impossible. This has been occurring every couple of weeks for the past couple of months. THIS DRIVES ME NUTS! Each time, I'm out of commission from work at least a day or two. By the morning of day three, like clockwork, it goes down to almost normal and I can walk in a semi-normal manner, well enough to go to work and get through my day.

I keep looking for the trigger that causes this to flare up so I can maybe add a supplement/exercise or something to prevent it.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Wed May 16, 2007 11:37 am
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[font=Comic Sans MS]Hi Kabell... *rows*

We haven't met, but I'm sure we will at some point. Ft is a great place for information, getting advice and making friends. I've been here almost 2 years and have met some great people, and call many my friends.

So...on to your question.

My knees swell, too. *oold* I don't know what causes it, because it just started all of a sudden last December. I finally went on prednisone for it. The Dr. put me on a taper pak of 60 mg., 50,40,30,20,10..going down each day. It helped, but as soon as I went off, the swelling began again. I now stay on 10 mg. daily because the swelling makes it hard to walk or bend my knees at all. Still don't know what it's from. I'm on neurontin, which can cause swelling but I'm not sure what else. I see the Dr. once a month now, just to go over my meds. That's terrible. I can't believe I've gotten to this point. This is not ME!!! *6*

I hope you get an answer...stay after your Dr. until you're satisfied with the answer, or until the swelling is gone. Take care,


Wed May 16, 2007 10:05 pm
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Hi Kabell,

This doesn't happen to me. I hope you talk w your Dr since its affecting your life.

I did have a lot of knee trouble tho it didnt seem to swell. Turned out mine was advanced osteo arthritis, most likely not your problem? However w all my problems like that I was told 20 mins w a covered ice pack. Didnt help me but I hope you've tried it. Do you take anti-inflammatories? Aleve or ibuprophen may help some if you can take them. Putting your leg up in an easy possition could help? I just didnt want you to think we weren't replying. I don't know. It seems like something a Dr should examine tho. Its not part of my Fibro trouble, tho we're all different.

Hugs n I hope the problem has an easy pain free fix!



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Tue May 22, 2007 7:45 am
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Hi and nice to meet u!!

My knees swell with unbearable pain. Mine is from osteo arthritis. Yours could be anything. I agree if its affecting your lifestyle get it checked. Ya never know.. You could be retaining fluid, to a injury, the list kinda goes on.

Good luck and feel better!!!

Life is what you make of it, its a open book... waiting for you to fill a page....
Wishing a happy, pain free New 2008 for everyone. Mine is going down hill instead of up. BUT I will never give up hope~~~

Thu May 24, 2007 10:38 am
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Post kabelladonna
hiya my knees swell up alot and go stiff,but my doc gives me algelsal to rub in,it does help but not alot,but he wont give me anything else,when i do have bad days i use my wheelchair.

hi every1 saying hello.

Thu May 24, 2007 1:47 pm
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Post Swollen Knees
I am new this forum, I hope my experiences will help. Early on in
my diagnosis, 2002. I also experienced first my left knee swelling, for no apparent reason. So I to went through an array of medication and also had fluid taken off of it. Also had chrodozone shots. Then
I was having terrible side effects from Prednisone, neurotin and so on. I finally during a flare up of swelling would ice pack, then lightly do stretching, and believe me I cried while stretching, but then I would go swimming and for some wonderful reason in maybe 48 hours of two days of an hour of each day the swelling with ice would
go down. So I began going swimming more often, and especially
when my knee would swell I would get myself to the pool a.s.a.p.
While in the pool, I would gently stretch my knee and do knee bends, and actually do some laps. But do something in the water for
an hour at a time. My knee at times looked like a cantaloupe, so maybe not as severe as yours but still I understand the pain.
Since that time, I have gone through physical therapy and do regular stretching, and different low impact exercises for 15 to 30
minutes a day, and maybe I am a lucky person but my knees do not seem to swell as often or as severe as they did early on.
I hope this gives you some hope. Sorry if it does not. :peng

Mon May 28, 2007 3:24 pm
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hello all

i sympathize with your knee problems, as i have the same thing, especially in my left knee. if i do a lot of walking (when i'm able to) my knee swells like a cantalope, too. the right one swells some, but not like the left. mine is caused by my lupus, but i suspect my arthritis and fibro has a little something to do with it too. at other times, for no reason i can explain, it just hurts, without much swelling. i'm not sure an ice pack would help, because i can't use them. the lupus is in my skin, and ice causes more pain than the knee causes. i cannot use a heating pad either, that's how sensitive my skin is. i used to do swim therapy for the pain, etc. when i could afford it. i don't have a pool of my own. that seemed to help all my DDs, it's a good therapy.

when i get down in my back and legs, i use a cane or a walker, but thankfully it hasn't bothered me much lately. i use those for my knee as well. nothing much helps it, so i take my pills and try to ride it out.

sorry i can't be much help here, but i hope you can find something to help your knees, kabella, as well as the rest of you. as for myself, maybe someone could suggest something for me, so i'll keep an eye on this thread. good luck to all!!!!


walk in peace

may your moccasins find the easy path;
may you ever walk in peace


Wed May 30, 2007 5:04 am
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My daughter, who doesn't have fibro, had a knee to swell up and be very painful. The Xrays showed loose cartelege. She had to be on a lot of Advil for a month beforeshe could have surgery. She has had it and returned to work and still has a lot of swelling & pain.

That isn't much help but I thought I'd throw it in anyway.


Wed Jun 06, 2007 1:01 pm
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Post Crossing fingers, but it looks like Celebrex is my fix...
I started taking it two weeks ago after my last knee flare that kept me from work. I've had two mini knee flares, but they were minimal and I was able to keep walking. Both still hurt, but the pain was tolerable and the inflammation was minimal.

I'm so thankful for Celebrex. I feel greatly improved and almost normal again. My fatigue is much better, I have more energy and stamina. I think the overall inflammation in my system was/is the root of my issues.

Hoping the improvement continues.

Fri Jun 08, 2007 4:35 pm
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I came on here tonight looking to ask this very same question. My poor knees. They swell up, are red and warm/hot to the touch. I ice them down, which will relieve the pain at first but as soon as they get warm again the pain starts up. There seems to be no set pattern. I have been in such horrible pain lately that I do not do a lot of walking. I only leave the house about once a week. So the knee swelling/pain is definitely not from overdoing things hehe. I am lucky because our a/c vents are in the floor and one of them is right under my computer desk. The cold air hits directly on my knees.

This disease is so horrible. It seems like when you find a solution (notice i didn't say cure) for one problem, then another starts. Headaches are going to be my next battle (i think). Even though my knees need cold.. my fingers have to stay warm or else every knuckle hurts. ARG!@#$

I am struggling. My poor husband is struggling. The only ones who aren't are our 4 cats who really love having me home all day. At least i have cuddle buddies?


Mon Jun 25, 2007 3:11 am
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Post Still on Celebrex and so far so great....
I haven't had a knee episode like I described above since I started Celebrex. I still have minor episodes where it hurts and feels slightly swollen, but it no longer keeps me from walking.

Funny thing, though, I now have inflammation flare ups in my right index finger and both thumbs. Just like with my knee, they will swell up, very large, draw up and bend, leaving me unable to straighten or completely bend them. For some strange reason, the Celebrex IS NOT helping this problem in my fingers.

Completely stopped the knee problem and is competley ineffective in my hands. This just baffles me. Same body, same illness but not the same resposne.


Thu Jul 12, 2007 11:15 pm
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